Pretty spring and very filling lunch - couscous and egg.

16th April, 2020
We recently welcomed our very healthy and active lifestyle in our home, that we have abandoned and forgotten few months ago. It consists of daily work outs and yoga with the kids followed by a night time meditation. Now my favourite - we ditched all junk sweets, chocolate and crisps for healthy dried fruit, nuts, crackers and wheat & seeds based snacks. We stopped snacking throughout the day and have been strictly sticking to healthy meals at same time each day. Smoothies returned as I have been slacking over the past months, and we couldn't be any happier. Check out one of our favourite quick, easy and so-so delicious lunch ideas we've been loving.
+ 1 large chicken breast +
+ 1 cup of couscous +
+ 2 tsp olive oil +
+ 1 clove garlic crushed +
+ half tsp dried thyme +
+ 1 tsp dried basil1 +
+ 1 tsp fresh finely chopped parsley +
+ 1 tbsp tomato paste +
+ salt & pepper +
+ 2 cooked eggs +
+ mayo for dressing +
+ 3 tbsp of kidney beans +
+ cress - optional +
+ chicken seasoning of your choice +
Wash and chop up chicken breast. Add chicken seasoning of your choice, give it a good stir and set aside. In a small cup or glass add crushed garlic, thyme, basil, parsley, tomato paste salt & pepper, mix all ingredients together, add a small amount of boiling water, enough to resemble cream mixture ensuring all ingredients are combined together. In a medium bowl add couscous, 1 tsp of olive oil, stir for few seconds. Pour in the mix, followed by boiling water - 1cm above the couscous, stir and cover with lid or plate. In the mean time heat up 1tsp of oil in the pan, transfer chicken and fry until golden. Add enough water to cover the chicken, place lid on and simmer on small heat until all water is gone and chicken is tender. Add to couscous along with kidney beans, stir and serve with boiled egg, mayo and cress!