Quick and easy sweet crispy pastries on a budget!

4th April, 2020
Angel wings - one of my traditional childhood favourite snacks up until now. So easy to make. Light, delicious, crispy pastries that I could never get bored of. When growing up, my mum and grandmothers would make plates of massive piles of them for Christmas, Easter or special occasions such as birthdays and family gatherings. In my house, they are a regular thing because we simply love them. Perfect during lock down where panic buyers clear all the snacks shelves as well as majority of the population forced to live on a budget due to the circumstances.
+ 200g plain flour +
+ 4 egg yolks +
+1 tablespoon of butter +
+ 2 tablespoons of rum +
+ 100g soured cream +
+ pinch of salt +
+ few drops of vanilla extract - optional +
+ sugar powder to sprinkle +
+ oil to fry +
Mix flour, salt, yolks, butter, cream, rum and vanilla extract together in a bowl. Use your hands to stir until the dough comes together, use a little more cream if necessary. Transfer onto table/worktop, knead for 1 minute then begin to throw it as hard as possible against the surface for couple of minutes to achieve an elastic and smooth effect. Roll out as thin as possible. Cut into 1x4 inch strips, cutting a slit in the middle of each strip. Pull one end through the slit, to create a twisted appearance. Heat deep pan/pot. Fry in batches, turning to cook both sides, until golden brown. Drain on kitchen paper sheets then sprinkle with sugar powder.