6 home remedies for sun burn.

8th May, 2020
In summer time we tend to enjoy the sun with the greatest pleasure. We sunbathe for hours, aiming for the perfect tan with the so famous bikini lines as a proof of a 'successful holiday', and for many of us, the stronger the tan, the better. Just like us, our children will also be victims of a sunburn caused by hours of fun in the garden or the beach. Take a look at my six home remedies to treat or soothe a sunburn.
1. Water
Not to soak in but to drink. Tanning causes a lot of water to escape from our body. Burned skin is very sensitive and by ensuring it stays hydrated from the inside, as well as the outside - will bring positive effects on its condition and speed up the healing process.
2. Natural yogurt
Yogurt without sugar (also buttermilk) rubbed onto the irritated areas will bring you so much relief. Not only will it chill the skin, but also moisturize it.

3. Honey
If the burn is not extensive, rub the sensitive area with honey. Honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which has a beneficial effect on minor skin irritations.

4. Camomile and green tea
Brew green tea or/and camomile, leave to cool, use it to compress the skin to soothe and speed up the healing process.
5. Aloe juice
If you grow healing aloe vera on your window sill, cut off one leaf, cut it in half and squeeze out the "gel" or gently run the cut side of the leaf across burned skin. Aloe vera soothes irritations and regenerates the skin.
6. Cool compress
Soak a small cloth or towel in cool but not icy water to save yourself the thermal shock and apply to the burned and irritated area. The same applies to ice, which should be wrapped in a clean cloth to avoid a frostbite. A cool shower will work too !!

You should seek medical help if the burn is accompanied by strong skin burning, swelling, blisters, serous exudate or fever.