14 moments that make Christmas the best time of the year!

The weather outside is frightful.. If you didn't sing that line as you read it then excuse me darling Grinch but there is something seriously wrong with you! I've been playing this song over and over again past few days and I can not wait until December is at it's full swing because that's when the festive spirit is at it's peakiest! Anyway let's get into the post - shall we? Falalala lalala !!
1. Wearing the cheapest but most cosy festive socks around the house in December, yet feeling as if you were rocking the sassiest designer shoes! I have an obsession for Christmas patterned socks! Love them!

2. Taking the boxes full of Christmas lights and decorations out of the loft, exclaiming 'Omg I forgot we had this!' when going through them all.. This happens to me every single year, I forget how beautiful and special the little glittery sparkly things were!

3. Sitting down on the sofa or having a quick rest on the bed with a warm cup of tea after a long day of Christmas cooking and baking, enjoying the ginger bread smell all around the house!

4. Re-watching films on TV such as Bridget Jones Diary, Love Actually or Home alone over and over again.. They are on every single year in December but can you ever get bored of them?

5. Decorating the tree, turning off all of the main lights and leaving just the tree ones on. 'What a great job I did!' Isn't it just the most beautiful view in the whole world!

6. That moment after consuming the Christmas dinner and everyone around the table looks like they are about to pass out from over-eating! And you're still ready for seconds!
7. Unwrapping your presents and watching everyone else do it, seeing their reactions is priceless! I love it! 'Ah wow another pair of socks...' Or hand sanitiser on Christmas 2020..

8. Trying so hard not to eat all of the chocolates out of the advent calendar in one go! The longest I have ever lasted was 4 days! Why are advent calendars so hard to resist !!

9. Admiring the mess around the room after everyone has finished unwrapping their presents, but yet no one bothered chucking the paper and empty bags or boxes away!

10. Snacking on the Christmas food on the sly when your mother isn't looking! I snack so much during the day that I am bloated by the actual Christmas dinner, but who can resists mum's Christmas cooking!?

11. Taking photos and capturing moments of your loved ones. The best thing about it is that no one is ever camera shy on Christmas day! Everyone looks so joyful and peaceful, and cute in their over-sized ugly Christmas sweaters and festive socks!
12. Watching your cat pulling the Christmas lights and decorations, while making a big mess with the pine needles or fake snow falling off the tree on to the floor.

13. Christmas songs on the radio and carol singing with your family while waiting for the dinner to be served! Is it me or are the grandads always the loudest ones out of everyone else?

14. Not giving a damn about the millions of calories you will put on over the next few days! Ain't no calorie intake is going to stand in your way to Christmas cheer and a full-belly!