15 things to do this November !!

1st November, 2020
We present 20 things you can actually do in November without the fear of, ‘are we allowed’. There’s just seven Fridays left until Christmas, guys. Seven. And given that this year has been absolutely feral to say the least, we are all for bringing those festivities forward in whatever way we can. Fairy lights, fireworks, Michael BublĂ© and overpriced cinnamon candles...
1. Start your Christmas shopping. Heads up love: hand sanitiser will be heavily gifted !!
2. Write a goodbye 2020 letter. There’s not enough writing paper in the world.
3. Invest in festive mugs to enjoy your caramel and pumpkin spiced lattes, and of course hot chocolate with marshmallows !!
4. Do a random act of kindness, the world needs it !
5. Don't sleep due to fireworks popping off every 0.763sec for the next 2 months.
6. Cook your favourite winter meal complete with chunks of crusty bread !!
7. Experience uncontrollable crying when you watch the John Lewis ad for the first time.
8. Defrost your Christmas playlist. It’s never too early - falalalala lalalala..
9. Make a pot of mulled wine to glug whilst you complete Netflix !!
10. Clean out your wardrobe (yes, again) and donate your clothes to a new loving home.
11. Prioritise your self-care, autumn and winter can be a sucky time so don’t forget to look after YOU.
12. Snap up a Black Friday deal !! Or 10..
13. Visit local park to feed the wildlife some bread, nuts or seeds...
14. Trim your garden grass one last time this year !!
15. Buy your chocolate advert now just to torment yourself until Dec 1st.