5 musts this Christmas.

18th November, 2020
With the holidays just around the corner, you’re probably starting to think about who's turn it is to climb up the ladder into the loft to pull down the Christmas decorations and untangle the fairy lights. How exciting! What better way to fill that Winter Wonderland shaped void in our hearts and cure those bad-day blues than with a festive sweater on spending your afternoon reading a ton of Christmas blog post lists! Here are my five musts this Christmas...
1. Is it even Christmas without festive sweater/jumper?
I mean, this is an absolute and definite must, we can't even argue here. Christmas without a Christmas jumper? No thanks. Browse online for some cosy knitted Christmas sweater if you haven't done so yet, to get you through this weather looking fab and festive. As long as the sweater brings out the falalalah in you - you're winning. Browse my favourite Christmas sweaters for her.

2. Take Christmas decorations a step (or 10) further this year!
Decorating just your tree is boring - let's admit it. Bring that crazy and excited kid in you this year and go all out !! I mean, who said you're only allowed one Christmas tree per year? I went for one room = one tree this season and I couldn't be any more happier. Thanks to the beautiful Hayley, my daughters dance teacher who turns her house into a magical winter wonderland each year. Let's think about this for a second - Christmas only comes once a year, so why not make the absolute most of it?

3. Get cosy & lazy - Christmas films and more Christmas films!
I am so looking forward to all the films that will be on during the holiday. Christmas comedies are absolutely the one for me The Santa Clause, Jingle all the way, Love actually the list goes on. Get cosy, get lazy and start ticking off the never ending list of Christmas legends on Netflix whilst stuffing your face with mince pies and sipping on hot chocolate. This season you can get away with pretty much anything and have no excuses but to make yourself a priority - and guess what? No one on earth will judge you - because we are all in for the same festive things and vibes, oh and guilty pleasures!
4. Virtual Christmas Markets - because 'baby it's COVID outside'...
One of the most popular activities of the Holiday Season is visiting a Traditional Christmas Market. Sadly, this year most markets & fairs have been postponed due to the pandemic. With all honesty the thought of leaving your house now to venture in to the cold seems bizarre when you can do it all from home. Here some of the biggest online Christmas Markets..
5. Turn your social media off!
Turning your social media/phone off during Christmas is essential to be able to be present in the moment. We often get caught up in the virtual world with the fear of missing out, continuously refreshing news feed making sure we are up to date with the 'drama' or other people's life. Dedicate few hours a day away from your phone - make it your new habit, it'll be the best gift you could have given yourself. The only time you will need you phone this holiday is to take a family selfie, FaceTime your loved ones or to explore the virtual Christmas Markets!!