10 things to do in December 2020!!

7th December, 2020
And just like that, it’s the final countdown of 2020 and what a wild rotation round the sun it has been these past 11 months. Since everything else has gone upside down this year, the pressure of cooking the perfect Christmas dinner and buying presents is off. We’ll be overjoyed with a plate of parsnips, brussels sprouts, a sack of oranges and a Christmas cracker sewing kit if it means we get to be safe and healthy with our families and friends.
1. Down your Advent calendar in one go !!
2. Turn up late to the Zoom Christmas party, despite there being absolutely zero traffic in the hallway..
3. Promise yourself a strict diet and daily work outs when the 'New Year - New Me' season begins, whilst removing the plastic seal from another tin of Quality Street..
4. Give every Tom, Dick & Harry the best & pro advice on how to stay organised this month and smash the Christmas dinner - then start panicking about pulling it through yourself..
5. Build up the courage to check your bank account balance since going wild on Christmas presents in the weeks behind, after promising yourself for the past 11 months that you won't spend much this year.
6. Silently judge any relative who doesn’t take the ritual of wearing a paper crowns seriously. There’s always one.
7. Well-up at all the Christmas ads with their emotive pandemic messages. Who needs onions when you have Kevin the carrot?
8. Have the best nap of your life - watching Christmas films can be exhausting right..
9. Spam your followers with daily photos of bunch of irrelevant objects you find around the house with the famous blurred out Christmas tree lights in the background...
10. Realise that the festive spirit has already died out and left your soul as you had the tree up since October, and the excitement went out the window.