No-fuss home baked ridiculously easy seeded bread recipe!

13th January, 2021
With the festive period done and dusted for another year here we are today with a bread recipe post that you'll wanna bookmark and tell a friend to tell a friend - literally! Before we jump into it I'd love to give all the credit and thanks to my amazing mummy for her beautiful photography (first time she ever did anything like this) and for this wonderful recipe who I am sure many of you will love.

+ 1/2kg wheat flour
+ 1/2 litre of warm water
+ 25g fresh yeast or 1 bag (7g) of dry/powder yeast
+ 2 tablespoons of oil
+ 4 tablespoons oatmeal
+ 1 teaspoon of sugar
+ 1 1/2 teaspoon of salt
+ 6 teaspoons of seeds of your choice for eg:
2x sunflower seeds, 2x linseed and 2x pumpkin seeds etc.

Mush/mix yeast with sugar and add a little bit of warm water. Mix all of the remaining 'dry' ingredients together in a bowl, add in yeast (previously mixed with sugar), oil and remaining water. Stir it well, cover with a plate, lid or cloth and leave until it doubles in size. Line the bread baking tray with baking paper, pour in the mixture, tap the top with hand or a spoon to make it nice and even, brush with water and sprinkle with mixture of seeds of your own or poppy seeds alone - the choice is yours !! Bake for 1h15mins - 1h20mins on 180'c-185'c!