Things to do in January...

1st January, 2021
Hello January, new year, new month, new chapter, beginnings and bag of new opportunities! Unlike most - I love Mondays, to me - with a new week comes a bunch of positive and energy and a massive kick of motivation! But a beginning of a New Year it's a whole different hype! Usually, Jan consists of humans bemoaning the weather, getting weirdly into Nutribullets and counting down the days until they can put their Christmas tree up again, but the first month of 2021 just hits different in someway... It feels uncharacteristically upbeat – something to do with a certain year stealing the misery thunder perhaps – and we’re so very here for the feel-good vibes. Onwards and upwards guys here is the ultimate list of things to do to make the most of January.
1. Wish for snow...  
2. Dismantle the Christmas tree and decorations.
3. Unsubscribe from everything - the rescue dog notifications, the Secret Santa family group,  exit them all. Declutter that inbox.
4. Toy with the idea of getting your gym membership back, mainly just to humour yourself.
5. Eat everyone who comments on your weight.
6. Mentally prepare yourself for the first proper girls’ night out since March 2020.
7. Wrestle with the urge to snack things you promised yourself you wouldn't with the arrival of 2021.
8. New Year - new You, new vision board! Get creative, get big! Ain't nothing getting in the way this year and the Universe has got your back!
9. Realise that all your money in 2020 went into Amazon.
10. Dust things you’ve never thought to dust before, case in point - the extractor fan, when did he move in?
11. Streamline your camera roll. If not now, then when?