Cutest last minute Valentine's day DIY gift idea - memories jar.

13th February, 2021
What's a better way of expressing your cheese ball of love and feelings to your significant other than by creating something special and sappy like this memories jar? DIY gifts are sooo under rated - it hurts my soul! Gather as many cute, embarrassing, cheesy, funny and special memories as you can think of and possibly remember and place them all in one box or jar decorated by you - with love!

1. Print out a photo of you and your partner.
2. Find an old jar or box and decorate it with previously printed photo,
gems, stickers or whatever you can find in your drawer.
3. Write down or print out memories that you've shared
with the person and pop them in!
I love this photo of us. It's natural, we are both enjoying a summer afternoon in the pub with no worries in the world, no make up just sun tan and a comfortable dress on! I was probably already pregnant here but unaware!! :-)