Make the most of April 2021!!

1st April, 2021
April, you’re up next babe, and we've missed you very much. Beer gardens are beckoning, the four-day weekend is brewing, and church is re-opening. And by church, we mean the salon. Obviously. Our hair has been through hell and back and it deserves this long-awaited renaissance. Deliver us from lockdown evil and forgive us our tresses – we’re finally back in the chair bitches. Here’s how to make the most of April ’21!

1. Defrost your social skills and tell your bra to pull up. We’re going innnn.
2. Have a garden party every weekend to make up for all the shitty little virtual birthdays we’ve all had to pretend we’ve enjoyed.
3. Get heavily invested in the heatwave rumours that circulate every single April!
4. Make plans on working on that summer body, whilst pulling off the tin wrapper off another chocolate bar...
5. First stop - nail shop! Goodbye stick on nails!
6. Realise you’re now officially estranged from your dentist. It’s been 67 years.
7. Confess that all of your lockdown walks had a hidden agenda…
8. Nurse your first proper pub hangover since summer ’20!!

England has finally lifted some lockdown restrictions, let's make the most of and enjoy our freedom until further notice!!!