6 ideas for an unforgettable holiday - attractions after sunset.

4th May, 2021
Summer holidays fly way to fast! That's why we should make the most of it and enjoy it to the absolute fullest whilst it lasts. Here we are today with a wrapped fun and unforgettable night attractions ideas for children and their parents to experience together. The rule is - night time is for sleep, and the rules are here to be broken! Let's sass and spice things up - break the rules and see that at night you can have a phenomenal time too!

1. Pyjama Party
Invite your kids friends for a sleep over. Cosy blankets, or even a little pull up tent if you have the space, soft slippers, cute pyjamas, lots of pillows candles or even better - fairy lights, pizza and snacks !! How cool would that be!!

2. Campfire
Who does not like burying a stick in a campfire, frying some sausages, potatoes, marshmallows or apples, mmm. Looking up into the beautiful sky full of stars, a warm blanket and the unforgettable scent of a summer night. Every child (and adult too) will be delighted!

3. Night in the tent
From planning a camping weekend away somewhere in the wild and far from the city, to a night in the tent in your back garden or even the living room if you don't have a garden. It doesn't matter !! Either way it's something new and exiting to do.

4. Falling stars
Every year in August there are nights during which we can watch the stars fall, meteors burning in the atmosphere of the Earth. Lie down on a warm blanket on the grass or a comfy lounger, with some hot chocolate and stare at the sky. What a wonderful way to spend quality time together.
5. Open air cinema
Watching the best comedies, especially Beethoven in an open-air cinema all night with the kids, family or friends sounds like a dream. Browse the internet to look for such attractions in your area, it became a very popular form of summer entertainment. Alternatively watch your favourite movie in the garden, on your laptop or tablet, again with a cosy blanket!

6. Night time attractions
From museums nights, library nights, spooky nights to fountain light display. Whatever it is that floats your boat the most - go for it! Check on the internet what local attractions are organised in your city or town this summer after the sun sets and be sure to get involved.