Delicious rice dish every fussy toddler will love.

12th May, 2021
We can't deny it, it's almost impossible to convince a fussy eater to try new foods, regardless of how pretty, delicious or colourful the dish looks - it's a tough battle. Let me guess, you've tested out and went through hundreds of recipes, tried out every possible tip you have been given or researched across the internet. Nothing seems to work? You feel like you're alone and your child is the only picky eater out there? You're certainly not alone! Here is that one dish that no child we know - said no to before !!

You will need:
+ 5-6 tablespoons of white rice +
+ 4-5 large mushrooms +
+ salt & pepper +
+ butter +
+ half a white onion +
+ 250g pork, beef or turkey mince +
+ tomato paste/puree +
+ 1x tinned tomatoes +
+ dry basil +
+ 1x chicken stock cube (I use Knorr for everything) +

How to make it?
Cook rice until tender. Drain and leave to cool down. Wash and grate mushrooms. Melt a spoon of butter in a pan on a medium heat. Chop up onions and fry until golden. Add grated mushroom and fry until all water evaporates. Put aside and leave to cool down. Mix everything together in a large bowl or pot, add raw mince meat separating it with fingers. Add salt and pepper to flavour and give it a good stir using your hands. On a large pan or pot, heat up some more butter and fry the ready mix on a low heat for further 10 mins occasionally stirring.
In a separate pot bring 1 litre of water to boil, add 1-2 chicken stock cubes, basil, tomato puree and tin of chopped tomatoes. Simmer for 5 minutes. To thicken the tomato sauce you can use flour slurry. Whisk together equal parts of flour and cold water in a cup or small bowl. It should have a consistency of a thick cream. Turn heat to low and pour slowly into boiling sauce constantly whisking until it starts thickening.