Fried baby potatoes with dill and soured cream - you have been missing out!

2nd May, 2021
How basic and boring does this sound? And you wouldn't even consider this as a delicious 'dish' right? I remember when I first made this for my fussy toddler and it soon became a very much loved lunch idea. These can be an addition to any dish or meal, great replacement for chips, pasta or rice on the side of a dinner, or simply enjoyed on it's own.
How to make it?
All you need is few baby potatoes, cut in half, unpeeled, cooked in salted water until tender, drain and transfer onto heated pan with a little melted batter. Fry gently stirring occasionally or tossing around until golden brown. Chop up ridiculous amount of fresh dill, as this incredible and refreshing herb is what really makes it - trust me, the defence is tremendous!! Transfer potatoes to a plate, add salt and pepper if you prefer, sprinkle or should I say COVER with dill, add a spoonful of soured cream or Greek yoghurt on the side of the plate or in a separate small bowl to dip and enjoy.